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Saunas and sweat baths have been used by various cultures throughout history to flush out toxins and disease and maintain optimal physical and mental health. Saunas and particularly infrared saunas can also play a big role in preventing or reversing cancer.


As a leader and innovator in the infrared sauna industry for the last 19 years, Clearlight Infrared by Sauna Works has been manufacturing infrared saunas that are both luxurious and effective. While our cabins are exceptional quality, we have spent the last 19 years researching and studying infrared therapy to bring you the most effective infrared sauna available.

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The only green tea I endorse with any kind of certainty for known cancer protective value is Dr. Lee’s Teafor Health. I was honored to meet Dr. Lee many years ago and was impressed with his generosity as well as his knowledge, scholarship, and attention to detail. Simply put, this is a man who knows what he is talking about. ~ Susan Silberstein PhD  Read More


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ecoNugenics provides targeted, high-value nutraceutical supplements derived from nature, science, and peer-reviewed research. Their patented ingredients and blends are physician formulated, scientifically researched, and recommended by health practitioners worldwide for cardiovascular health, immunity, detoxification, cellular longevity and more. ecoNugenics enhances health, well-being, and vitality with our recognized leadership in nutraceutical science, innovation, and efficacy.  Read More

ecoNugenics has agreed to offer clients a 15% discount on their entire line of products, including formulas for prostate health, breast health, immune support, hormonal support, and heavy metal detoxification, among others. Just enter the coupon code BCO15 when you place your order. (For orders of $200 or more, use the code BCO20 and get 20% off).

Life Extention - Beat Cancer Blog

What’s the Best Curcumin?

Because BCM-95 is the main ingredient in Life Extension’s Super Bio-Curcumin®, I enthusiastically recommend that particular supplement. Read More Here

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At BeatCancer.Org we are often asked by our subscribers to help them with choosing the right foods to eat, providing healthful recipes and making life easier to prevent, cope with and beat cancer with proper diet. We’ve recently partnered with several national meal delivery services that provide healthy meals right to your front door.

Our newest edition is PlantPure Nation! Use coupon code BC10 to receive a one-time $20 discount off a 20-meal pack of PlantPure entrees


Personalized Meal Planning

Never ask “What’s for dinner?” again: We are partnering with PlateJoy to help you make healthy eating easy all day long.

How it works: Instead of spending hours searching for healthy recipes, just tell PlateJoy your needs, likes, dislikes and time constraints. They’ll create a menu tailored uniquely to you, with nutrition info to match. They’ll also send a grocery list to make shopping simple. Optional same-day ingredient delivery is available in 25 cities.

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Sunumbra sunscreen is a natural sunscreen containing organic ingredients providing:

  • 5 Star rating (UVA protection)
  • SPF30 (UVB protection)
  • Fully certified at international standards for UVA & UVB
  • High protection Broad Spectrum
  • 40 minute water resistance
  • Antioxidants for immune boost against skin cancer
  • Natural colour tint from botanicals
  • Natural fragrance from essential oils

Sunumbra sunscreens are featured in “Best Beach and Sport Sunscreens” category with #1 ratings in the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Sunscreen Guide

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To learn more and to order sunscreen, visit Sunumbra


Organic Meal & Juice Delivery (CA & NV Only)

Delicious food and cold-pressed juice made using organic and sustainable ingredients! Delivered all across the Bay Area and LA & shipping to all of CA and parts of NV

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Organic Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Vegin’ Out is a weekly vegan meal delivery service. They prepare, cook and deliver one week’s worth of delicious, nutritious, well-balanced and organic vegan food, vegetarian meals to your home or office at an affordable price. When you place an order for a single weekly vegan meal, you will receive 3 vegan meal entrees, 4 vegan side dishes, 1 vegan soup and a bag of vegan cookies.

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Vitev’s line of alkaline, ionizing reverse osmosis systems offer high-level filtration with a natural blend of minerals to provide the needed alkaline and antioxidant benefits. By way of comparison, the pH of some sports drinks may be as low as 3.0, popular bottled water may have a pH of 6.0, most tap water may be neutral at 7.0, but Vitev-treated water has a pH of about 9.0.

As relates to ORP (remember, in this case, negative is better), sports drinks often score at +400, popular bottled water at +300, most tap water at +200, but Vitev-treated water has a negative ORP of -300 to -600.

The Vitev products I recommend are either an under the counter option (MAXX) with a 3-gallon storage tank or a countertop version (RIPPLE) that makes the water as you need it. The products retail for under $800 and under $500 respectively, but clients will receive a discount of 20%, plus free shipping. To learn more or to order a system, visit and enter the discount code “beatcancer” at checkout, or call toll-free 1-855-456-9220 and mention our organization to receive your discount. Happy, healthy drinking!