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Please Blog on Social Media about!

Please Blog on Social Media about!

August 13, 2015 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD
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I just received a copy of this blog which I reproduce with permission from its author, Liz Barker. A long-term cancer survivor, Liz wrote a book which I will be reviewing soon. By blogging about, Liz and fans like her can really help us get our message out to others, so if you like what we do, please share that on social media. Here is what Liz wrote:

I had the pleasure recently of serendipitously (although I believe that there are no chance encounters in life – this was meant to be), re-connecting with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while, Mercedes Capizzi. Mercedes looked amazing and explained to me how she lost weight and why she looks so glowingly healthy. She is now involved with Juice Plus+ and she credits her fantastic health to adding Juice Plus+ products to her eating plan.

She then invited me to an upcoming seminar that some local Juice Plus+ distributors were sponsoring called Fight Cancer with Your Fork. I readily accepted her invitation. As a long time breast cancer survivor, of course I was interested. I have read and heard from numerous medical professionals that lifestyle is far more important than genetics in determining your risk for cancer. I believe it, and I note it in my book. The homeopathic physician with whom I consulted explained why I was stricken with breast cancer (extreme stress and heartbreak over my daughter) and cautioned that I needed to be attentive to my lifestyle if I wanted to be a long time survivor.

The workshop was hosted by a dynamic woman, Dr. Susan Silberstein, PhD, who founded the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education ( in 1977 after she lost her young husband to cancer. Susan has spent the last 38 years on intense research that clearly indicates that lifestyle, and diet in particular, has more to do with inciting, or eliminating, cancer than any other factor. She noted numerous studies and amazing facts about how cancer interacts with certain foods. Again, these are all things that I had heard before over the years. It was a great refresher. It made me think about how I have strayed from some healthy food choices, though I remain pretty faithful with my exercise in the form of my beloved yoga practice.

Some of the best warriors to fight cancer radicals are: berries; crucifers (kale, cauliflower, and broccoli); green tea; flax seeds; garlic (no wonder my Italian grandparents had such longevity!); shiitake mushrooms; and alkaline water. In contrast, it seems that cancer thrives on refined sugar; low oxygen (lack of exercise and deep breathing); and an acidic body composition. Susan has written several books and pamphlets documenting scientific research about these facts and specific case studies. One is called Kitchen Chemotherapy. This is not to say that one should abandon traditional treatment once diagnosed with life threatening cancer. It is simply to understand why one got cancer to begin with and to address the cause with lifestyle and dietary changes to prevent a re-occurrence.

This is exactly what I did. I had surgery and chemotherapy as prescribed, but I then took it upon myself to seek out a homeopathic physician to help me treat “what was eating me” inside. What followed was an 18-month regimen of homeopathic care to cleanse the chemo toxins out and to re-align my body’s internal balance. I truly credit this secondary care to my 24 years as a young survivor. And my present yoga practice for keeping me fit externally and spiritually.

If you are yearning for some healthy change in your life, I recommend checking out Susan’s Beat Cancer website and Juice Plus’s offerings too. We all know that fad diets don’t last. The results are temporary and are mostly not good-health oriented. Common sense nutrition is the key. And getting to the root of “what’s eating you.”

Elizabeth R. Barker


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