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Breast Wishes is caring individuals with deep knowledge of breast cancer treatments and prevention best practices.

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Breast Wishes is inspired, informed holistic decisions about prevention and treatment.

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Breast Wishes is community education for breast cancer awareness and prevention. Join us in a community forum discussion.

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Bringing awareness to relaxation and our bodies for young people. A positive direction in helping reduce disease for the future.


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Lexies Mother’s Letter

I am Arleen Shabel, Alexandra (Lexie) Shabel’s mother and also a board member of Breast Wishes It is with a hole in my heart that I write to you to let you know that Breast has lost its founder and director, Lexie Shabel. Lexie passed away May 29, 2017.

Lexie put up a valiant fight against the dreaded disease, breast cancer. She tried chemo, only to have the cancer return a year later. For this reason Lexie decided to find another way. She believed that the road she was traveling should not be in vain: others should profit from her journey to stay alive with breast cancer. Breast Wishes was created from this quest. Ultimately, we decided that the mission of Breast Wishes was to give women choices when diagnosed with breast cancer.

The board feels it is very important that Lexie’s legacy continue. After much discussion and thought, it has been decided that has the most closely aligned values with Breast Wishes We recognize that no one else can maintain the level of activities and counseling that Lexie did. We feel that will not only keep her legacy alive but will add new dimensions and services to her followers.

Dr. Susan Silberstein, the founder of was a mentor to Lexie. Susan gave Lexie the confidence to pursue the founding of Breast Wishes. She often offered advice, compassion and understanding. For this reason, we believe that Lexie herself would approve of the merger between Breast Wishes and Beat I urge you to turn to Beat when you think of Breast Wishes I truly believe that they will be able to help you find your own path to wellness.


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