Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Bowel Cleanse

2012-10-25 Shabel, Founder

DISLCAIMER-THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE AND METHODS, I’m not prescribing, just sharing…

Today’s Day 3 of Dr. Bernard Jensen 7 day cleanse and fast.

It’s a mega series of “Cleansing Drinks”, and supplements, which I’m actually looking forward to because there’s honey involved. I’ve had major digestive issues for so long now, going back and forth between diarrhea and constipation plus the cancer has been active at the tumor site for a few months, longer than usual and it feels like time for something extreme. I’ve invested in a colema board, a kind of home colonic unit that’s reasonable when you do the math on paying someone to give you a colonic. I’ve never really done a fast except on Yom Kippur to repent for my sins, that’s always been my association with it. Eating in general, everybody’s got their issues with it, did mine start after chemo or back when I was a “chunky“ young girl who loved to share a hot bagel fresh from the bakery’s oven with my Dad?

A large quantity of chlorella supplements are involved to pull the heavy metals out of the body I’m guessing. I’m feeling a paralysis I used to experience as a child all the way through adulthood which feels like nerve damage. If I try to open my mouth it takes a few extra seconds and straining to do it. My friend was here at Gringa Ranch doing the Body Ecology Diet and even though I didn’t do it strictly, I experienced some of the detoxification. I tasted heavy metals in my mouth which is reminiscent of the chemotherapy taste. In the past I’ve done heavy metal detox IV’s to lighten my load. I feel I’ve been chemically poisoned from toxins and immunizations as a kid, compounded with a decade as a rabid darkroom photographer. No ventilation, in total darkness rocking hard to music, huffing film developer.

I’ve been working on my DIY, can live somewhere else, cancer therapies. For me, an infrared sauna is pretty key and I’m finding this colema board pretty indispensable. I took some time off Weleda’s European Mistletoe injections, iscador, then just tried it again, this time injected into the tumor area though not actual obvious tumor. Seems to have helped some, took the herb Graviola, mushroom varieties and a lot of vitamin C earlier this winter. This seemed to do well for a while, the Graviola initially very obviously. Does my body become immune to these therapies over time? I also took time off from herbs, most of the cancer therapies to explore just the emotional connection of this tumor and my psyche. This winter was an excruciating breakdown of my ego, and the dreams I have held dear for so long. Perhaps this is the brutal teachings of no attachment I started to learn at Bodhi Manda Zen Center ? The therapist I’ve been working with has been game on exploring my emotional elements as related to cancer though the biggest discovery is to be able to recognize old patterns and change them, recognizing their obsolescence.


Had a rough night of waking up every few hours to urinate. My heart rate increased and was pounding in my head. Very low energy, backing off the cleansing drinks and supplements today. Larry David’s “Curb your Enthusiasm” has been my laugh therapy after a winter of “Seinfeld”. I mustered the energy to go for a job interview and an appointment with Margo, lymphatic decongestant specialist who is our Wellness Practitioner this month at http://www.breastwishesfund.org. She worked a lot on my abdomen to melt the hard masses which we speculated could be a range of heavy metal collection, parasite residue and other old fermented items. Can’t say my stomach has ever been this flat and though I am losing weight, not as much as one would think given that I’m doing a fast and purging my insides. A lot of metal taste in my mouth though I’m noticing bumps on the back of my tongue disappearing, sores that have been showing up more inside my mouth not being present. I’m considering adding cilantro tincture to help rid myself of the heavy metals.


Slept better than before and felt good this morning. I’ve cut out one of the cleansing drinks and one dose of supplements, mostly because I woke up too late to start with Dr. Jensen’s regime. Followed his protocol for skin brushing in the morning though I am combining it with infrared sauna time followed by a rinse and colema, then supplements. Felt pretty nauseous with the colema, added garlic for parasites and flax seed tea to it, amazing how many hard masses are still in my gut though I guess the accumulation time of 44 years makes sense. The evening colema held more hard masses and my stomach has never been this flat!


Started the day with a “cleansing drink” and colema while trying to rent the main house, having moved into my downsized apartment. My hands and feet are so cold, , they need to be near fire or in hot water to not feel like ice. It’s the detoxifying, so many levels. I think @ releasing the heavy metals, not Dio, from immunizations as a child and adult for international travel, the photo chemicals for @ a decade and then add Chemo! Yeah, there are things coming out of me that should never have been there. I’ve decided to retreat, not see people until Monday, just ride this hunger out alone without trying to be nice to anyone. It would be difficult to work a 40 hour week and do this cleanse. As for fasting, I have not completely as I’ve taken to eating the potatoes in the potato peel broth your permitted to drink. Emotionally, I need something solid to pass my lips. For dessert tonight, I shall have woodstove fire heated flaxseed tea sweetened with stevia and a shot of vanilla. I think of what it would be like to do a hunger strike, the commitment. For me, three more colemas to go, and I’m having steamed carrots for a transition diet as recommended by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

The tumor site throughout this has fluctuated some. Now it’s a bit inflamed, tender, smaller than it was a month ago though still quite present. I can’t seem to find the combo in me lately to quell it’s needs, though I keep trying.

DAY 7!

Slept decently last night, starting the final day of regime. Excitedly reading the delights I can consume tomorrow, steamed shredded carrots, heaven! While giving myself an abdominal massage or Chi Nei Tsang. I could still feel hard masses, mostly in my colon on the right and left sides and in the middle near my belly button which helps me understand Jensen’s recommendation to follow his 7 week replenishing diet and perhaps do the cleanse a few times over six- to eight months. I woke up today at a weight I can’t say I remember being since my twenties, pockets under my ribs now sinking in where once was impacted feces in my colon. Pretty amazing. This afternoon started to experience some of the paralysis I’m attributing to heavy metal detox.

My vision is quite blurry, has been for quite some time, supposedly connected to the liver which has certainly had it’s work cut out for it in the past. I drank quite a lot of tequila at one time and also od’ed on ibuprofen, up to 1000’s of milligrams a day when I was a camerawoman. It was all such a long time ago though, interesting how the body holds on to things. Medical cannabis, much like during chemo and other detoxification, has been very helpful in alleviating some symptoms and helping my state of mind.

CONCLUSION-2 weeks later

Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Health is a rich resource of self-empowering techniques and information to improve everyone’s health. Granted some people might be overwhelmed by doing all these things themselves initially so perhaps working with a colon hydro therapist would be helpful to become familiar with the sensations involved with colonics, colemas. At first, my typical symptoms returned of constipation with diarrhea. I have added diatomaceous earth daily now which has my bowels verging on normal! I feel the 7 day fast was too extreme for me if I need to accomplish anything else in that week and am considering a 3 day fast after the replenishing diet’s time has passed. I have kept some of the weight off and the tumor is still present though changing, remaining stable.

I’ve been reading Suzanne Somer’s “Knockout”. She is interviewing Dr.’s who have been actually curing cancer and doing it for decades. If I had several thousand dollars, I would like to visit Stanislaw Burzynski’s clinic and see if there is are antineoplastons that could actually allow me to live without cancer. Once again, this takes a lot of money and my thesis this winter has been to create a DIY, traveling program for living and perhaps eradicating my cancer. We welcome your comments about this blog, thank you.


Much improvement from always loose stools to normal. Major blockage has been dislodged and I am deriving more nutrients from my food. the tumor continues to recede, constant lower back pain is gone too. I feel the cleanse cleared the way for the diatomaceous earth to get into the nooks of my colon an finally is releasing. WHAT JOY!!! An excess of accumulated catarrh seems to be breaking up, growing thinner and less in quantity.