Healthy Gut=Cancer Free?

2012-11-25 Shabel, Founder

Coming up on three months since cleansing and fasting with Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Health, I remain @ 15 pounds lighter with consistent progress towards “cracking my cancer code”. Current obsession? Dr. Gabriel Cousens, live raw food. Just ate some of my own kim chee. Fortunately, the folks moving in haven’t yet so I stuck that stinky cabbage next door, whewww. It tastes delicious. Recipes are coming to the Breast Wishes Fund site so please consider gettin’ on our email list.

I’ve been a cook for up to 100 people in communities. I love it though I realize it’s been positive to recreate my relationship with food this season by not feeding other people and just letting my gut direct me, for me. I’m working on my relationship to food in therapy too while moving towards a more raw, low-glycemic diet. Meanwhile, I continue with the colemas around three times a week with bentonite clay and chlorophyll in the water, reading Vedanta and Ramakrishna while massaging my belly. I feel I continue to detox heavy metals and chemicals as well as healing diverticula. The tumor site has been quiet for the past couple months though there has recently been activity, perhaps coincidentally with beginning a series of lymphatic decongestion treatments.

Most days, I go down to the Rio en Medio, and do Qi Gong. Like Armageddon my village has been the past couple weeks with fire choppers, bombers and perhaps plutonium laden smoke from the Las Conchas fire. This event makes our current Wellness Spotlight guest, John Shapiro, that much more relevant to what we are doing to the mother, the earth. Truly, my greatest healer…

I’ve allowed myself to experience losing my home to fire. In the case of a forest, it’s a natural part of death and renewal though in my backyard more appropriately started by some “not pissed on enough campfire.” Ok, occasionally, lightening. Only a few things matter in the house, the cats, computer. It’s been a good practice in non-attachment. I pray for the animals, those in pain and my self to be an evolving, transcending, rock star.