Homeopathic Cancer Cure

2012-02-1 Shabel, Founder

Outside my window, an eagle came in to her nest. This was a dream I had before an appointment with my neighbor who is a homeopath. Her last name is Eagle. Constitutional Homeopathy is a science and medicine that uses highly diluted, individualized medicines (remedies) that stimulate the body’s own immune system to initiate healing. Homeopathy commonly cures cases that are otherwise incurable.

I’m taking Phytolacca, a derivative of pokeweed. I’ve heard of this plant’s power in salves to extract tumors. There’s a simple, consistent process over a couple hours for dosing myself each day. There a antidotes, mintyweedyitems that I find difficult to go without. Say tea tree soaked toothpicks, I’m hooked though. Most therapies that deprives me of what I know to be part of me, good for me, I usually don’t do it or will adapt it to my comfort level. It can change over time and I’ m open to habits being hard to let go of. I’m also doing a remedy called Carc which I’m told is a micro-dose of cancer. This makes sense to me.

I’ve found this therapy to touch the cancer in a layer I’ve not been able to access before. The tumor continues to retreat, tissue healing from the trauma of cancer growth, once again. I continue much of the detox highlighted in previous blogs and continue to investigate cures for my cancer that I can get excited about and offer solutions to others with.

I Spoke with a woman who went to Israel to work with Dr. Shimon Slavin and works with stem cells. He says:

Combinatorial anti-cancer therapy (COMBAT) is a form of treatment designed to set the stage for anti-cancer immunotherapy. COMBAT consists of cycling metronomic treatment based on the use of well-tolerated combinations of low-dose anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents.
One of the aims of this treatment is to facilitate induction of an immune response against cancer, normally believed to be suppressed by the regulatory T cells of the immune system and by inhibitory factors such as prostaglandin E2.

In addition to the basic elements used in our metronomic treatment, other agents may be added to improve the overall control of metastatic cancer. Some agents may be designed to induce apoptosis [natural cell death] of cancer cells, which is typically inactivated in rapidly replicating cancer cells. Also, treatment may be supplemented with anti-angiogenic agents attempting to inhibit generation of new blood vessels that are mandatory to nourish newly growing metastatic lesions.

Thus COMBAT treatment is designed to achieve a triple purpose:

  • To allow the immune system to respond against the tumor
  • To try to facilitate the induction of cell death of rapidly growing cancer cells
  • To inhibit rapid growth of metastases by restricting their blood supply