New Year, New Outlook On Life

2012-01-1 Shabel, Founder

New Year, new outlook on life. In a relatively short period of time, I am recovering from 2011, my lack of desire to be here. Granting myself the grace a POW with PTSD deserves, I am refinding my joy, my sense of purpose. With more people being diagnosed every day, or so it feels, Breast Wishes has an important role in offering choices instead of and in conjunction with chemo, surgery and radiation. 2012 seems to be about offering a positive labyrinth of options to living our lives the way we have always known they need to be lived. A metaphor is when the fabric of our lives is ripping open, we need to walk through the rip to the other side versus trying to sew it back up. We are entering a new age of consciousness, a time to walk our talk and be brave with how we really feel.

This past month has seen me working hard on my health, using Iscador Mali by Weleda as my “positive chemo””” to kill this fast growing cancer in my breast. A recent MRI report confirmed the ultrasound documenting the cancer is spreading throughout the ducts of my right breast outside the tumor. Interestingly in the MRI though, the cancer was detected in a 12-2 o’clock range versus a 12-3 o’clock range just a month earlier in the ultrasound. The dr. reading the report also described it to look like a partially treated cancer that was slow on the uptake of MRI identifying agent, meaning slow growing. I know this to be different, the cancer thriving quite quickly though also dying as fast. This has given me confidence to continue my methods of cancer control while also continuing to seek a longer lasting cure.

We’d like this blog to be more interactive with other people’s remedies for living with cancer in 2012 and are working on a platform to support this, all of us. Thank you for reading and please love yourself and everyone around you up. lovelex.