Panchakarma Files Chapter 3

2014-02-13 Shabel, Founder

I’ve completed vamana, intentional vomiting, and have lived to tell.  I’ve decided to do this against the Dr.’s recommendation because whenever I have read about it, it has resonated with some issues I’ve had chronically.  An overall mucus in my upper chest, sinuses and unclear head.  The other reason being I haven’t thrown up in maybe three decades and feel something in me needs to exit my body to be truly detoxed and free emotionally from something deep.  I prepared myself mentally as if I was going to do chemo, one of the most miserable experiences of my life where I never vomited.  Sometimes I wonder why I did it knowing everything I know about chemo now and the natural cancer killing immune enhancing compounds such as European Mistletoe, mushrooms including Chaga Root, homeopathy and most powerfully in my case, immunology.  Last year I went to the IAT Clinic where Breast Wishes Medical Advisor Dr. Kevin Bethel administered a cancer vaccine from my own urine.  Please click this link for an original Breast Wishes short film that explains  “What is a Cancer Vaccine?”

I started the day at the local temple, asking the elephant God Ganesh to help me remove obstacles physically and metaphorically.  My friend Kim took me to the hospital at 7:30 AM and like an expectant father, he kindly watched over me, waiting outside the room to hear news.  The Doctor and his wife, Surya, outfitted me with a bib, I joked if a lobster was coming next, they kind of got it after I explained.  Then I proceeded to drink enormous quantities of warm milk mixed with half water and some sugar.  At first it tasted good, me lapping it up like a puppy.  I had a feeling I’d not be feeling the same way in a half hour.  Then when my empty stomach was full, he gave me a glass of salty tasting medicine including these ingredients: Malam Kassikka, Vaiyampu, Induppu-salt and honey.

vamana ingrediantsI drank more and more of the milk, the Dr. telling me to stick my fingers down my throat when saliva came to my mouth, when I was ready.  I did as such and some liquids started to exit.  More medicine with other herbs and honey, more milk, uck, sick of this and still not enough coming out.  I’m sweating heavily, chanting to Ganesh and Shiva, my belly so big and feeling like it just won’t come out if I continue sitting on the stool, looking over my bucket of liquid that smells like baby puke.  I walk around, the Dr. and his wife looking after me, I lay down, finally, I get up and after some more fingers down the throat and dry heaves, I give up the motherlode that includes a bit of yellow liquid, bile from the liver and my golden ticket out of vamana.

After that the Dr.  tells me to smoke thru my nostrils and mouth from a gauze wrapped spleef.  Whatever it is, I’m knocked out for a good hour or two, Surya, the Dr. and Kim checking on me.  Back to sleep, then a fresh coconut water.One of the incredible aspects of doing Panchakarma here in Kerala is a daily serving of coconut in it’s many forms, yum!  Lay down then a little kanye, rice water.  I sip it slowly, my belly not feeling well.  More sleep, and then I sit up and walk around a little.  Lay down.  Up for some Kerala rice, fat grained rice with a little surprisingly spicy coconut chutney.  Surya, like all Indian women serving me, reminds me of the Jews and Italians are never satisfied unless you eat three times more than capable, though in this case I am quite firm, one serving is awesome, thank you.  I take a warm shower, clean off and get on the back of the scooter to go sleep at home for several hours. I’m surprised how wiped out I am because the actual process only took about an hour.

I’m thankful it went as well as it did because I’ve heard horror stories of someone not being able to throw up for eight hours, the process being administered incorrectly and having to do it again.  It gave me confidence that I chose wisely in Dr. G. Vijayan, BAMS.  You definitely have to surrender in this process, feel cared for and supervised properly.  I noticed the tumor area to be very smooth afterwards.  Tomorrow is for resting and with the next day being virechane taking herbs Avipatham Choornam in warm water until I purgate anally and there is only water coming out of me. Then three days of nasyam, clearing the head, sinuses with oil, massage and steam, no bathing for three days.   My mom did this in Mumbai to assist with a plugged ear from flying and a cold and she said she’s never seen so much tissue leave her body. Fun times lie ahead…