Personalized cancer vaccine booster

2015-01-30 Shabel, Founder

IAT Clinic-Freeport, Bahamas
I’m back for a “booster” of the Heat Shock Protein (HSP) injections I have been referring to as vaccines. Hurricane season is an especially slow time, and I have capitalized on cheaper accommodations, and lots of time with Breast Wishes Fund’s Advisory Board member, Dr. Kevin Bethel. Look for his approach to cancer in our “Ask the Advisor” monthly column on the right hand bar. I’ll let him explain the science behind this treatment that has increased my quality of life exponentially. I was very fortunate to spend the day with him, attending a local medical conference and tossing around ideas about a potential retreat/seminar next October for women with breast cancer here in Freeport, Bahamas. Stay tuned, there’s lots of exciting developments for women and the Bahamas at this point still allows alternative therapies.

When coming to the Bahamas, anything organic or fancy is about three times the price. A large box of organic greens will run you $10-15! Dr. Bethel took me to It’s About Time run by Darrill who had cancer and supplies a great supply of healthy vegan foods so next time, I’m going to him. I’ve found local produce this trip and am enjoying coconuts, fruits that are like lychees, and massive avocados! I’m glad for my organic quinoa, legumes and goji berries that I have in the scottish oats I brought down. For a treat I’ll have a bit of a $7 1/2 gallon of soymilk with it.

I’ve had a great lunch at the one vegetarian restaurant called Livity Cafe with Petie who has chronic leukemia and has been coming here for 7 years, doing the Immune Augmentative Therapy (IAT) that Founder Dr. Burton discovered over 40 years ago. Sharon who was given months to live from lung cancer has been coming for 21 years to do this therapy. I like this clinic because they charge just what they need to to survive and are committed to their patients. IATherapy I think of as similar to having diabetes, you come down to the clinic every 4 months to get blood drawn for 2 weeks each day and go home with serums to inject yourself @ seven times a day. It’s the difference between living a quality life and dying though in many cases. IAT’s website is

I peed a couple quarts and from that they take my personal cancer, introduce healthy cytokines and interleukin and voila! I inject myself for the next three months, two times a week with increasing potency of this heat shock protein, vaccine as I call it. Please see Breast Wishes Video of the Month to learn more about it starring Advisory Board member, Dr. Kevin Bethel, read on to learn more about the science and theories of his and the clinic’s work.