Report from the Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego

2015-04-7 Shabel, Founder

Executive Director Tania Azar and Founder Lexie Shabel attended the Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego recently, reaffirming Breast Wishes Fund’s mission to intensely focus on choices for breast cancer treatment and prevention. Read on to learn about new doctors and health care professionals for our Advisory Board, recommended clinics, supplements and therapies.

Dr. Sunil Pai of Sanjevani located in Albuquerque, New Mexico gave two information packed talks, focusing on inflammation and it’s promotion of disease, especially cancer. Over 200 health issues with “itis” at the end are due to inflammation and frequently can be managed through healthy diet and lifestyle choices. NF-κB activation is a major mediator of inflammation in most chronic diseases and cancers & inhibition of NF-κB can prevent/delay and reverse the onset of the chronic diseases and cancer. NSAIDS, pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen, which temporarily alleviate inflammation issues, are the cause of GI bleeding. 300, 000 people a year are dying this way! His recommendations have grounding in Ayurvedic wisdom that utilizes food and herbs as medicine as the Indians and Chinese have been offering for thousands of years. His group has put together a supplement called Bosmeric-SR that utilizes turmeric or curcumin in three forms with Boswellia (Frankincense), Ginger and Black Pepper to reduce inflammation and promote wellness. For a pdf of his talk please go to: We have asked Dr. Pai to join our Advisory Board and look forward to his support for each of you!

I was very focused on clinics that offer immunological and virotherapy as a way to treat and prevent cancer. In Tijuana there are several clinics though Dr. Tony Jimenez with Hope 4 Cancer, whom we have also asked to join Breast Wishes’ Advisory Board, gave a great talk. One therapy from Latvia that Advisory Board member Dr. Kevin Bethel of Freeport, Bahamas is also now accredited to offer, is Rigvir. Rigvir selectively targets cancer cells with a radar-like precision. Rigvir is the only known genetically unmodified virus in the world that infects and kills cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched. Historically developed as a melanoma therapy and proven to be safe and effective based on decades of research and clinical studies, Rigvir has proven effectiveness against a variety of other cancers. Dr. Jimenez is also using this therapy personally as a preventative for prostate cancer that his father had by injecting himself yearly. Great news for Previvors, women who feel at risk for breast cancer and remove their breasts and uterus as Angelina Jolie did.

Breast Wishes’ Treatment Fund assists with the expenses of cancer treatments that are currently not insured.  Our first treatment fund recipient recently made a personalized vaccine at the IAT Clinic in Freeport, Bahamas. We’re grateful to Los Alamos National Bank for recently contributing to this fund that is part of the dropdown menu when you click the Donate button on the top right of the homepage at .

I also appreciate information and conversation with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald at the Telos Center for grief and psychological relief. Also Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., Ph.D. who has written and researched extensively carcinogenic links with EMF’s, sunscreens and other everyday hazards. There’s a lot of information and products out there and we greatly appreciate your comments here. Please share your experiences with therapies, doctors and related topics at the bottom of this blog.

With love and gratitude, Lexie